Today marks the first day of a new chapter in my life. I have a wonderful career perspective and find myself blessed that I have the opportunity in a job I’m really excited about in integrations consulting, at a company that I really admire, located in beautiful California. And I have a salary. The work [...]

Drink List

More new drinks to add to the list… Kettle Soda Stoli Seven Citron Soda AMF Buttery Nipple Liquid Cocaine Cosmo…much better this time! Dirty Martini Screwdriver with splash of Cran These are drinks I didn’t make but I tried for the first time after my shift ended (not all in one day mind you)… White [...]

Drink List

What Can I Get You? –> Drink List More new drinks to add to the list… Cactus Coolers (1/2 pint Red Bull, drop in shot of Mandarin Vodka & Triple Sec) Sweet Tea Iced Tea (3/4 pint Sweet Tea Vodka & water, 1/4 pint sweet & sour) Washington Apple Purple Rain (ordered as a Graveyard?) [...]

What Can I Get You?

More new drinks to add to the list… Vampire (Vodka/Cran/Peach Schnapps) Dawn of the Dead Shot (Vodka/OJ/Raspberry Liquor) Guinesss/Vanilla Vodka Jagermeister Redbull Oatmeal Cookie Sex on the Beach Long Island Iced Tea Jack & Coke B-52 White Gummy Bear Nuts & Berries Lemon Drop PS – I think it’s fair to say that with all [...]

What can I get you?

So here’s a list of drinks that people have ordered since day 1 that I’m going to try to recall at the end of my fourth day shift. Beer (…lots of bottled beer) Shot of Jameson Shot of Patron Silver Chilled Sambuca Kamikaze White Russian Poor mans mimosa (Coors Light and Orange Juice) Duck Fart [...]

First Day Behind the Bar

I started my first day at the Library in SLO on a glorious Sunday, October 18th, 2009.  Here’s a story of my lessons learned. I spent the few hours before my shift getting ready, looking decent, studying the bar cards, and getting more and more nervous.  Of course, my car is three in deep in [...]