Snow Plow

I was looking for some change in life, and guess life decided to hand me some sugar and spice. Here we go… “Snowboarding! You should come!!!” I’m wishy washy with some decisions, which included this one. Not because I don’t want to go snowboarding. More of because it’s far, it’s relatively last minute (on my [...]

Well, Good Morning to You Too Beach Front

I woke up to one of those really-nice-weather-slightly-overcast mornings today.  They feel so calm and serene.  And I’m sure it helps that I can hear waves crashing on sand right across the street as I lay in bed and listen. I took my time getting up and packing up before walking down the stairs and [...]

Camping in Yosemite Valley

Steffen and I took a trip this past weekend to Yosemite National Park.  We’ve been wanting to camping for a while, and being too impatient for spring to arrive, and thus in a hurry to beat the snow fall, we settled on a chilly weekend mid-November at the Upper Pines campground.  Car camping was the [...]

Passing Through Santa Barbara

So I’ve decided to spend the day in Santa Barbara with no plan other than to read a philosophy book and look for places with Free Wi-Fi and more books…in other words…Internet coffee shops and Borders.  Steffen has a beautiful view from his place in the hills of Santa Barbara.  The house is set on [...]

Another Day in San Francisco

I seem to take a lot of short trips up and down California, with my hub being on the Central Coast.  This time was initiated by an interview for a coveted Sales Engineering position for new grads at a large company.  It went well and was almost borderline fun meeting new people and conversing with [...]