Toe in the Water

Time to start investigating lifestreams (that’s how I want my website to be), Sitemaps (xml), and Web Design Patterns. I figure that I do enough updating and posting to other community websites.  The last thing that I need to is to keep on uploading my own website as well.  It’ll be self-updating.  Still working on [...]

Good Morning, Sunshine

When the dog wakes you up at 5am barking just for attention (I checked the house for intruders), your neighbor starts up his loud motorcycle at 6am wafting the smell of gasoline through the second story window, and your little brother’s alarm goes off at 7am with hip hop from his iPod broadcasted on volume [...]

Flickr Pro

Today, I finally signed up for my own Flickr Pro account.  Odd thing is that I take thousands of pictures (if not hundreds of thousands) and I never had my own pro account (there are some hidden ones out there from back in the day when it was still experimenting time).  I’d been creating accounts [...]

Choosing a New Thinkpad Battery

So after running my battery down to a one hour life-span, having my travels cut short, along with the confidence of income from getting an offer from a new job, I decided that it might be worth it to spend a little money on a new battery for my Lenovo Thinkpad T61 14W laptop.  Afterall, [...]

Passing Through Santa Barbara

So I’ve decided to spend the day in Santa Barbara with no plan other than to read a philosophy book and look for places with Free Wi-Fi and more books…in other words…Internet coffee shops and Borders.  Steffen has a beautiful view from his place in the hills of Santa Barbara.  The house is set on [...]