Avila Elephant Seals

If you’re looking for a getaway in SLO in the middle of the night when everything is closed but you feel the urge to do something spontaneous, here’s something that might bring out the little kid in you… Drive out to the Avila Pier 3 in the middle of the night.  It’s almost kind of [...]

Drink List

More new drinks to add to the list… Kettle Soda Stoli Seven Citron Soda AMF Buttery Nipple Liquid Cocaine Cosmo…much better this time! Dirty Martini Screwdriver with splash of Cran These are drinks I didn’t make but I tried for the first time after my shift ended (not all in one day mind you)… White [...]

Camping in Yosemite Valley

Steffen and I took a trip this past weekend to Yosemite National Park.  We’ve been wanting to camping for a while, and being too impatient for spring to arrive, and thus in a hurry to beat the snow fall, we settled on a chilly weekend mid-November at the Upper Pines campground.  Car camping was the [...]

Walk SLO – November PhotoWalk

I was in the midst of getting some work done and running errands when I get the text “I’ll be there at 1:30pm” from Prentice.  I had somewhat almost forgot that today was the November PhotoWalk event in Montanya de Oro.  Okay, time to get off my lazy bum and get ready for some fun [...]

Google AJAX Slideshow API

I remember being so excited about the concept of using AJAX to make applications that were versatile enough to take whatever XML file you fed it.  JavaScript and XML…such a brilliant idea.  Anyway, that was a while ago. I had used a Flash application in the past to display a slideshow using an XML file and some [...]

Discovering Research

It’s always so interesting to delve into the life and passions of another person.  The funny thing about it is that it’s so easily available…and yet on a normal day, we don’t take advantage of getting to know our own friends as well as we think. I took off from lab a little early today.  [...]

Drink List

What Can I Get You? –> Drink List More new drinks to add to the list… Cactus Coolers (1/2 pint Red Bull, drop in shot of Mandarin Vodka & Triple Sec) Sweet Tea Iced Tea (3/4 pint Sweet Tea Vodka & water, 1/4 pint sweet & sour) Washington Apple Purple Rain (ordered as a Graveyard?) [...]

This (Lack-of-a) Template

I find it unfortunate that I still haven’t finished my CSS template for my WordPress blog yet.  Better get on that!  Between school, local job, a web contracting gig, and doing website design favors for my little brother’s business, I estimate completion by…end of December.  Sad I know.  But gotta prioritize!  It’ll look good soon [...]

What Can I Get You?

More new drinks to add to the list… Vampire (Vodka/Cran/Peach Schnapps) Dawn of the Dead Shot (Vodka/OJ/Raspberry Liquor) Guinesss/Vanilla Vodka Jagermeister Redbull Oatmeal Cookie Sex on the Beach Long Island Iced Tea Jack & Coke B-52 White Gummy Bear Nuts & Berries Lemon Drop PS – I think it’s fair to say that with all [...]