Europe Trip 2010 – Leaving Italy (Day 26)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s a strange feeling, leaving a place. Even though I can rely on the fact that many times change can come to me easily and I just go along with it without being too emotional or distressed, it always makes me contemplate more…reflect more. Learn more I guess. And in some way, I am sad every time for quite a while. It’s like the sadness is very small spread out over a long time instead of short unbearable outbursts, which perhaps is the better way to go.

I sit on a train once again, this time from Arezzo stazione to Firenze (Florence) where I’ll explore some more, then hop back on the train to Venice. I’m going back to Florence! I’m not really all that sure why, but I figured why not? At least it will be familiar to me. Maybe do a little shopping. Not too much shopping though I hope haha. I put my iPod on shuffle and the first song that came on was “Simplicity” by Telecast. How appropriate. It’s interesting because I’ve been very quiet the past week and a half while in Fonaco. For reasons I have no idea. Maybe it’s restlessness? There are million things going through my head that I would normally converse about, but it didn’t come out…almost like nobody would really care what I said, so I had no reason to say it. Of course I knew this wasn’t true, but it was a weird feeling for me. Maybe I was finding some inner peace and quiet.

Earlier on the trip, some other friends had talked about astrological signs and many of us in the group had been Gemini. I had never really given it much thought before except that it sounded cool. But it occurred to me that they were saying how most Gemini have somewhat of a double-side personality…and they’d talk about their different sides. I feel like everyone, Gemini or not, would have this to some extent. However, I guess when I really think about it, I do have a much quieter contemplative side, and there are other times when people say they want to hang out with me because I’m fun, which flatters and embarrasses me at the same time…mostly because I’m not used to compliments like that. I don’t think I was too exciting growing up or in high school.

Then my train of thought goes to how I am some times, ready to have a drink and meet new people and get attention, while other times I’m like I am now…perfectly happy disappearing into the background and just observing. It actually comforts me to know that I am both, and don’t have to try to be both…it IS me. So when I get into lethargic times like now, I know that I’ll be back out in the next few days or so meeting new people without having to try. And when I’m too far in, I know that I’ll have times like now when I can be happy alone. Same goes for being happy and sad. I’m in a lull right now, but I know that there will be times on this trip when I’m convinced that it is the best time I’ve ever had. And unfortunately I also know that there will probably be at least one time when I break down and cry…makes me nervous to think about that, but it happens to everyone. If only life could be perfect eh?

I realized after getting on the train that one of my Victorianox padlocks is missing from my backpack. I must’ve dropped it while walking/running through the train station to catch my train. Unfortunate because they are very nice locks and now I can only lock on of my backpack compartments. :( Oh well, it’s just a deterrent anyway. Anyone could take scissors to the tug pulls on the zippers (I lock the fabric tug pulls together…it’s too hard to lock the metal pieces). That lock is the first thing that I’ve lost so far on this trip, which I feel is pretty impressive. I’m still nervous about getting robbed since almost everyone I’ve run into has lost something substantial due to theft…500 euros, passports, phones, purses, everything out of a purse (they left the purse on the girl’s arm). Poor Tara lost her entire backpacking pack at one of the stops while taking a bus from one city to the next in Spain. They must’ve taken it out on one of the smaller city stops.

[some time goes by]

I have figured out how to plan for taking a train, but I still have yet to figure out how to just know what trains are the fast trains and which ones are the puff puff trains. I am apparently on a puff puff train at the moment…it stops every small city along the way. It’s going to take forever it feels like to get to Florence. I’ll have to ask someone and make sure that I’m on a fast train to Venice, even if I have to pay just a little more.

Anyway, I guess I’ll have more to report about Venice when I get there. Until then, Arrivderchi!

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