Europe Trip 2010 – The Grand Canal in Venizia (Day 26)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now it seems like I don’t do anything but blog! But that’s not all true. I have arrived in Venice, Italy. Because I had read some about the city before arriving, I knew what not to expect (as well as to do what I normally do…which is to expect nothing) and I was absolutely captivated by this city as soon as I walked out of the train station. I made a quick stop at a kiosk to see if there were any faster trains from Venice to Innsbruck, but it was the same itinerary the guy had printed out for me in Florence. That will be a long 6-7 hour trip that I’m not all too excited about.

2010.03.30 Venice, Italy

Back to Venice…I stepped out of the train station and right in front of me was the Grand Canal. It was so beautiful. More beautiful than the movies. At this point, I was in the movies. It even had the mood set with the overcast skies and fading sun. Everything looked very dreary. I loved it. I had read online ( that Venice is one of those overrated cities to visit. But then again the same article had said that Las Vegas was overrated and I love Vegas lol. I was aware before coming here that everything was going to be expensive, that I was going to get lost no matter how good my navigation skills are, and that internet would also be limited because it’s so darn expensive. So I copy/pasted a bunch of articles and experiences to try out on my day here to a notepad and off I went (I copy/pasted a few days before of course).

I walked down the alley towards where my reserved hostel was supposed to be. It wasn’t too hard to find and I’ve been pleased with it so far. It is called Alloggi Gerotto Calderan and it’s about a 5 minute walk from the train station on top of a lingerie shop called Tenzia. Everyone working here is super nice. I’m staying in a 6-bedroom dorm for about 18 euro a night. Each dorm room has its own private bathroom which I found is very convenient as well. When I got into the room, I sat down on what I assumed was an empty bed and looked around. I saw a Lonely Planet book of Europe on the night stand next to me so I picked it up and started flipping through Venice information. Then flipped over to Innsbruck, Austria. It was about that time that I heard loud sirens go off, and I stared out the window facing the marketplace with confusion. I’d have to ask about that later.

A few minutes later, the door opened and I quickly put down the book, embarrassed that I had picked it up to read in the first place. I wouldn’t want strangers I never met touching my stuff. I said hello, and became quick friends with Colin, from Oregon studying abroad in England, and Andrew and Amy from Maryland studying abroad in Spain. They’re all on holiday from school, and decided to make a trip out of it. And here we all are in one room in Venice. So funny how easy it is to meet people and bond in such short periods of time. Then leave and let time tell if you have made a friend for life (by keeping in touch) or if it just trails off to a name you can’t place where you met. We all talked and I went for a walk to look around myself and ended up buying fruits from a stand literally minutes before it started to pour rain. Myself and a few other bystanders waited under an awning until the heavy rains turn light enough to at least run through and then I ran back to the hostel (Mythbusters says that if you run, in the end you actually get less wet lol). I had wanted to kind of go out tonight, but laziness kicked in once again and it had been a long day. Plus it’s raining and cold! Colin called me a true Californian haha…I seem to get that a lot on this trip. So here we all are at this moment…midnight, lights out. One girl sleeping, one guy sleeping, one guy snoring/snorting loudly in his sleep, two people watching a movie, and me typing away because (1) I like to remember how I feel at these moments of freshness and change, and (2) typing this out makes me tired and I’ll sleep easier lol.

2010.03.30 Venice, Italy

I think I plan to tag along with Colin tomorrow to one of the Venice surrounding islands, so wake up alarm at 8am! After a week of being in the house with the kids, 8am is gloriously sleeping in! I might also try to wake up earlier the next day to catch a sun rise near Piazza San Marco, but I also want to see Venice at night the night before (maybe take a vaporetto ride at 2am down the Grand Canal), so we’ll see what the body can handle lol. Anyway, I’m tired enough for sleep now. Ciao good night!

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