Europe Trip 2010 – Figuring out Innsbruck (Day 29)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Innsbruck Highlights:

  • Innsbruck Wireless (maybe 5,90 euro for 3 hours total is not too bad, but Mc Donalds has free wi-fi instead)
  • Innsbruck Card – Free access to all museums, one round trip on each cable car, and access to public transportation
  • Hofgarten – Grab a beer and some snacks and relax here
  • Congress – Go see a concert/show

I walked with Farmer Jon to the information office today to figure out things to do. Renting a car to sight-see was too expensive. So while Farmer Jon went off to find another hostel for the night (I guess I got the last bed at Nepomuk’s since I booked two nights), I went off looking for internet at Mc Donalds…but I couldn’t seem to get online. So instead I walked around Old Town, then over to Swarovski which seemed popular (only to find that of course it’s popular since Innsbruck is one of it’s hot selling spots), and then back to the information booth where I purchased 3 hours of their Innsbruck Wireless and sat at the information office hot-spot for the next two hours catching up on all the things I needed to do online. Kind of a waste of the day, but I really needed to plan where I was going to be in the next few days and I felt so internet deprived so far.

2010.04.02 Innsbruck, Austria

I checked back into Nepomuk’s (had to check out and back in again because I was moving to the last bed in a different 4-bed room) then walked back to the information booth to purchase a 25 euro 24-hour Innsbruck card for the next day. If you’re in Innsbruck, I recommend getting the Innsbruck Card if you want to sight-see and take pretty much any public transportation. Then I just walked. I sent off some post cards from the Post Office (dear goodness post card stamps are much more expensive here at 1,40 euro a pop vs. 0,85 euro in Italia). Then walked into a market, bought some fruits and chocolate and a beer, and headed out to the famous Hofgarten to relax and drink my beer, realizing when I got there that I didn’t have a bottle opener. What would Steffen do? Lol. I can’t do what most of the guys I knew could do, so I cheated and loosened a side of the cap with my keys, then popped it off on a nearby rock. Voila.

2010.04.02 Innsbruck, Austria

One beer and a lot of pictures later, I walked back towards Old Town to find a lot of people walking into the Congress building. Now I had thought that the Congress was a meeting place for politicians or something…but nope I was wrong. I walked in to see what was going on, and ended up purchasing a ticket for 19 euro to a Passion concert portrayed through the orchestra music of Bach. There was a kind lady there who I had spoken to asking what was going on, and she told me all about it…Beatrice I found out her name later. If she hadn’t spoken to me, I probably wouldn’t have gone in to see the show…especially being dressed in my jeans and wind jacket while everyone else was dressed elegantly with evening coats. The beer had made me tired, but the music from the instruments was such a sweet sound, and the voices of the choir, though in German, sounded like angels. I’m not sure if I’d ever heard an orchestra play so beautifully before, but God surely blessed this group with musical talent that you could taste, smell, and see.

2010.04.02 Innsbruck, Austria

When the concert was over and I trotted down the stairway, Beatrice stopped me and asked how I liked the show. We chatted for a while and she introduced me to her sister (both of them were probably over 6 feet tall lol), and then to her sister’s son, Sebastian, who was headed to Zurich University later this year to study environment sciences and do something like create the next new everlasting battery or power source.

Walking back to the hostel amongst the crowd of walking people, I stopped to look around at the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) when some man and what I supposed was his son came up to me and spoke to me in German. This language barrier thing really sucks. I was just getting used to Italian, and now hearing all this German was really blunt to me. When he found I spoke English, he spoke to me in English asking if I was lost, where I was going, all that stuff in whatever charming English he had. I just made up something and asked where free wi-fi was, and he said Mc Donalds and took my arm in his and led me down to Mc Donalds with his son snickering behind. I already knew that Mc Donalds was only a few meters away and we were in a well populated area with my important items all secured away so I played along…confused as to why he was talking to me because he was clearly too old and his son was clearly too young to have any association with me. But thankfully they left me at Mc Donalds and continued on their way. It was then that I found out that I could connect to the internet but had to open a browser on my phone to accept the usage agreement before using my phone apps…DUH! So yea, next time go to Mc Donalds instead of purchasing Innsbruck Wireless.

I went back to the hostel, took a shower and put on fresh clothes to go walking around to see what this nightlife everyone talks about was really like on a Friday night. I only walked around for a short while since the show ended at 11pm and I didn’t get out until 1am to walk around. Innsbruck is quite beautiful at night, especially the river. No new friends tonight…I didn’t have anyone to go out with and I didn’t really feel like small talking with random people in the bars nor did I really feel like drinking, so I went back to the hostel and was in bed by 3am. My roommates still weren’t back yet.

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