Europe Trip 2010 – Stuck in Innsbruck (Day 30)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Innsbruck Highlights:

  • Swarovski Crystalwelten
  • Cable Car up Mountain to SNOW
  • Missed train to Zurich
  • Decided to stay in Innsbruck one more night at Nepomuk’s
  • Sightseeing Bus tour around Innsbruck (last bus)
  • Meeting new roommates at hostel from Ireland/London
  • Watching King Pin with new Roommates
  • Mausefalle Discotheque

So thinking I could cram a full itinerary into a half day and then just leave Innsbruck wasn’t as easy as I imagined lol. But it all turned out well in the end. As a girl, I had to go see the sparkly Swarovski Crystalwelten haha. Actually I’m not even that much into jewelry, but since I’ve seen Swarovski worldwide, why not go visit it in the place it started? Indeed it was a beautiful place and very peaceful. Probably helped that it wasn’t too crowded, especially at the first drop-off of the day.

2010.04.03 Innsbruck, Austria

I saw some pretty cool exhibitions here that famous artists had incorporated Swarovski crystals into. Such creative minds. Then it was time to race back to the bus (else wait another 2 hours for the next one) back to Innsbruck to catch a cable car ride up to the mountains for a view of the city.

2010.04.03 Innsbruck, Austria

The first half of the ride up consisted of people with mountain bikes.

2010.04.03 Innsbruck, Austria

The second half of the trip up consisted of people with all their ski/snowboard gear.

2010.04.03 Innsbruck, Austria

It was an amazing ride. And on the way down I made a decision to stop to have some gorgonzola pasta, which ended up taking way too long to make and thus I missed my train to Zurich. To be honest, I think I stopped for the delicious pasta because I knew that even if I ran down the mountain, I would probably still miss my train to Zurich, Switzerland. So might as well not stress out too much about it and enjoy some pasta while figuring out a plan B. Lucky for me, with Easter the next day, Nepomuk’s had one more bed available, so I moved rooms once again to book another night.

My new roommates were a bunch of Irish guys in town to visit their local friend and go skiing…and a woman who was a little older than me but very strange. She was very nice, but very strange. She was visiting her mom here in Innsbruck, but her mom’s place was too small for her to stay there. The Irish guys were a riot. One was very conversational with me, named Declan, apparently a very popular name in Ireland? I love hanging out with Irish guys because they are always proper, and talk to you like they want to be your friend. They’re looking for drinking buddies and good stories, not girls to hook up with. Or so it seems haha. They were all really cool. And that night the five of them stayed in to watch King Pin all snuggled together on the couch. I joined them in another chair after my shower. But I wish I had a picture of them it was just so…cute. LOL.

After the movie, I decided to do something with my last night in Innsbruck and check out this “amazing nightlife” everyone keeps talking about. So far, the bars have always seemed pretty low key. I looked up a recommendation of someone I had spoken to earlier that day…Mausefalle Discotheque. I walked alone for quite a while trying to find this place. Turned around came back to look it up again. Found out I was just on the wrong side of the building, and sucked up the long walk and went back again. It was pretty worth it. My review is to go there with friends lol since it’s kind of hard to make new friends there I think. Probably especially if you’re tall and Asian. However, the dancing was fun and it was quite a party compared to the quiet historic downtown bars. This kind of party is more of what you might find in the US, but since it’s 18 and over or something like that, the crowd can be pretty young. And some of the bars don’t serve cocktails. It was weird. I don’t know how to really explain it, but sure I’d go again.

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