Today marks the first day of a new chapter in my life. I have a wonderful career perspective and find myself blessed that I have the opportunity in a job I’m really excited about in integrations consulting, at a company that I really admire, located in beautiful California. And I have a salary. :) The work sounds challenging and I’m pretty excited about learning more about the art of communication in the technical field. As well as mastering that art of dealing with clients with unrealistic expectations.

My first day of work entailed a lot of training…c’est normal. As well as attending a training conference that just happened to fall on the same first days of work. Consultants and partners flew in from all around the country for this. But I think the best part is that I like everyone I will potentially be working with. Workday hires a lot of well-rounded people and when you’re working with the same people day after day, it’s important that you can get along with and work with your colleagues…and at this point I’ve met a lot of people…our recruiter made sure of that. My first day also marked the official hire of 550 employees lol. I wasn’t the 550th, but I sat in the same room as him haha.

2010.06.23 Workday

However, not everything in my life is new and fresh quite yet. I’m still going through reverse culture shock coming home from Europe after 3 months and 7 days. I miss my friends there and the lifestyle I’d grown accustomed to appreciate more than American lifestyle…like J-walking lol. Or just the way the average European value time and relationships more than the average American. There are many pros and cons of both. I allowed myself to fall in love with something I had to leave, so coming home was tough.

Then I had a week of madness with my cousin’s graduation from UCLA, my brother’s high school graduation, my birthday, and moving up from SoCal to NorCal with no place to live. I’m still looking for a place to live lol. But I’m not worried about it. Worrying wouldn’t do me any good. If I worried about anything, it would be about not getting all the sleep I desire…and I do love my sleep lol.

The issue came down to location. I’d narrowed it down to Newark, San Francisco, and Pleasanton. Newark is 30 minutes away from every city I’d want to visit and I’d be living with a good friend in a nice place…but Newark itself has nothing. San Franciso has everything you’d ever want to do outside of work…but it’s an hour commute to work each way each day and cold weather. Pleasanton is close to work, a nice town, with good weather and a community I’d like to get plugged into…but it’s far away from the other cities in the bay and it’s a quiet suburb town. There are of course other factors as well as the type of place which would mold the lifestyle I end up living…and I can’t seem to decide what kind of lifestyle I want lol…I think I just want what allows me the most freedom to live.

Whatever the case may be, I enjoy my time up here with my family and friends and still have much to do to keep me busy. My aunt cooks the best food you can imagine. It’s better than any restaurant hands down. It also seems that a lot of my friends made the move to San Francisco during the time I was away in Europe. And I’m totally living out of my car. I have papers to sort though and requests to take care of…but they’re still in the bottom of my trunk. Still roughing it like in Europe, except I guess I have more baggage to drive around lol.

2010.06.23 Workday

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