Next Chapter: Traveling the World

Though I’ve lost track of what chapter on life I’m on right now, it’s about time to revive this blog. It was a place to learn the WordPress platform back in [checking old posts now]…April 2009. Then template into a section of a website I created one summer for kicks. And then a place to write about my travels (my last big trip being a 3 month solo hiatus backpacking across Europe in 2010). Two years, a house, and one job later, I find myself in my mid-mid-life crisis with the only remedy being a form of exploration, frustration, and learning that rolls itself into one of the greatest forms of joy I have ever experienced: traveling to places unknown. Which brings us relatively up to speed to now, today, and beyond.

As you may already know, I recently dropped what I was doing and left my wonderful roommates and beloved beta fish in the Bay Area. I’m currently in Orange County to spend some time at home preparing for my next “big trip”, playing with the dog, and basking in warm, sunny, non-humid weather. I kissed my love one last goodbye as he boarded a plane to the other side of the world to go home, and also crafted the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to myself to leave home. First stop: stepping off a plane in Vietnam…on Valentine’s Day! And I guess at that point, taking a much needed shower after a 20 hour flight. I’ve been afraid to go there for the last decade, because my reaction to mosquito bites scare me more than the world running out of ice cream. I don’t speak Vietnamese and am sure that the happy California cow hormones have made me taller than the average Asian…a sure sign that I’ll have “tourist” stamped all over my forehead.

So, let’s note down my only plans so far. One-way ticket for me to Vietnam…check. Round trip ticket for my mom, who will be my travel buddy for 2 weeks and thank goodness also a translator…check. Visa approval letters…check. Plans to go to Israel and how to get there…well we have some road blocks with the airlines to work around. And that’s about all the logistics I have ironed out. When will I be back? I’m pulling a Kevin DelRosso, but if you need some scrap of an answer well I promise to be back in the States for Burning Man.

I know it won’t be all flowers and butterflies (I’d get bored after a few hours)…so this will be my place to document my trip in all it’s colors and gradients. The journey starts on Monday. Enjoy.

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