Asia – On Route (Day 0)

February 14, 2012

We’re in Japan!…for the next 2.5 hours.

The 12 hour flight from LAX to NRT went by quickly. An instant 6 hours of passed out deep sleep, followed by 1 hour of groggily staring at a silent tv screen too lazy to put in ear buds, followed by 5 hours of reading books. Nirita Airport is nice enough even though the windows are spotted with rain and dreary clouds linger oudside. To be frank, other than the majority of Asian population and occasional Japanese announcements, I almost feel like I’m sitting in a US airport. English is everywhere.

It occurred to me when we landed that Valentine’s Day was essentially eliminated from the calendar. We departed Los Angeles early February 13th, and have found ourselves in Japan with February 14th more than half over due to the date/time change. No matter…despite traveling over 4000 miles closer to miel sheli (my honey), I still have another few thousand miles to go before I get my much needed hugs and kisses.

And something that surprised me is that Japanese people over all here look good. It’s as if they’re all photogenic, fashionable, physically fit, have perfect hair, and extra cute kids. And this is I guess my first impression of being in Asia for the first time ever (being in this airport when I was 2 years old hardly counts). My other observation is that Japanese get really dressed up for the airport. Almost everyone looks ready for a photoshoot. They make other foreign tourists look like slums.

I’m intrigued. Perhaps I’ll come back and spend more than 3 hours on this island country. Till then…onward to Vietnam!

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