Snow Plow

I was looking for some change in life, and guess life decided to hand me some sugar and spice. Here we go… “Snowboarding! You should come!!!” I’m wishy washy with some decisions, which included this one. Not because I don’t want to go snowboarding. More of because it’s far, it’s relatively last minute (on my [...]

Walk SLO – November PhotoWalk

I was in the midst of getting some work done and running errands when I get the text “I’ll be there at 1:30pm” from Prentice.  I had somewhat almost forgot that today was the November PhotoWalk event in Montanya de Oro.  Okay, time to get off my lazy bum and get ready for some fun [...]

First Day Behind the Bar

I started my first day at the Library in SLO on a glorious Sunday, October 18th, 2009.  Here’s a story of my lessons learned. I spent the few hours before my shift getting ready, looking decent, studying the bar cards, and getting more and more nervous.  Of course, my car is three in deep in [...]