Update on the Europe Update

I’m sorry it’s been a while! The best times to write things down always tended to be on the road and not when I actually had internet at my disposal lol (those times were used to upload photos and then get some much needed sleep!). As it is, for those receiving this in their email [...]

WordPress Customized Template

I think I’ll call it “Branches.” About time eh?  For those who’ve been RSSing this blog or haven’t seen it while it looked like a bare skeleton, I finally got around to giving my blog a pretty template to match the rest of my website.  It actually didn’t take very long as I had originally [...]

Google AJAX Slideshow API

I remember being so excited about the concept of using AJAX to make applications that were versatile enough to take whatever XML file you fed it.  JavaScript and XML…such a brilliant idea.  Anyway, that was a while ago. I had used a Flash application in the past to display a slideshow using an XML file and some [...]

This (Lack-of-a) Template

I find it unfortunate that I still haven’t finished my CSS template for my WordPress blog yet.  Better get on that!  Between school, local job, a web contracting gig, and doing website design favors for my little brother’s business, I estimate completion by…end of December.  Sad I know.  But gotta prioritize!  It’ll look good soon [...]

It’s Alive!

Voila, after a week of drawing sketches on paper, going between feasible, time-consuming, and almost too kidish designs, I finally felt good enough about one to give michellekimlee.com a go.  Some ideas that I had were along the lines of… Abstract, with swirls, spirals, and blends of colors on a black or dark grey background [...]

Toe in the Water

Time to start investigating lifestreams (that’s how I want my website to be), Sitemaps (xml), and Web Design Patterns. I figure that I do enough updating and posting to other community websites.  The last thing that I need to is to keep on uploading my own website as well.  It’ll be self-updating.  Still working on [...]


Today I spent time in at Linaea’s Coffee Shop with Steffen continuing work on the IESCAREE website.  It’s almost done and needs some more aesthetic uplifting.  Steffen, the Illustrator wiz is making a higher resolution logo (per vector art). Here’s the old pixelated graphic that I had to work with… Here’s the logo that Steffen [...]

Iescaree Website Design

I’ve deployed my website creation for the International Evaluation Service Center for Applied Research, Evaluation, and Eduacation, Inc. as of last night while sitting in the living room of a previous roommate and best friend, Sabrina’s place.  Of course, despite my basic testing, there is still so much to learn and so much that can [...]